GraphBase I6

GraphBase i6 is the first of a new class of data analysis and intelligence applications. Forget retrospective insights - i6 gives you real-time analysis of incoming data streams. Get network intelligence that human or automated agents can use before it's too late to act.

Use Command Centre visualisations to monitor country or demographic-wide use and dispersion patterns. Drill down to a single transaction, phone call or browser request. Run "what-if" analyses across massive data sets and get the results in minutes, not hours or days.

i6 is built on top of our revolutionary GraphBase Graph DBMS and it's the only solution designed to handle modern "big data" network intelligence problems.

i6 allows an analyst, a customer agent, or an application, to perform database-wide intelligence tasks 10-100 times faster than RDBMS-based solutions and it allows tasks for typical person-focused use cases to be performed in real-time. This real-time performance also means that the data can be used in new ways - for example to "trigger" call-centre or crime and fraud-prevention activities.

Powerful SNA Tools

Conduct Social Network Analysis on a single low-cost server at a scale and speed not possible with any other techology.

  • Standard basic Centrality Analysis - Degree, Closeness, Betweenness and Eigenvector.
  • Community Detection and Influence Network Discovery - for more effective interventions and marketing.
  • Identity and Customer Fingerprinting - based on call, click or transaction patterns.
  • Apply your own algorithms using simple plug-ins.


Intelligence is available within seconds after relevant data has been "streamed" into i6. Huge volumes of data become manageable and usable through the use of user-configurable Refinery components that aggregate, filter, compress, and perform stream-based analysis.

Massive Scale

Highly-efficient compression of common high-volume data streams including; phone call records(CDRs), financial transactions and web traffic (browser requests). These are then stored within GraphBase i6 graph structures that are "use case optimised" for rapid retrieval and analysis.

Immediate Action

Listener components monitor data streams and graph state. These listeners can be used to drive (for example) simple user-configurable e-mailers or sophisticated message publishing and web services.

3rd-Party Support

Simple export functions make the "pre-processing" of streamed and large data-sets possible. Processed graphs can then be "flattened" into files or inserted into an RDBMS as one or more tables for use by third-party OLAP and other analytics products.

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