GraphBase Free Trial

Download a fully-functioning version of GraphBase Agility Edition and give it a thorough 30-day road test.

GraphBase Agility is more than just a database. It represents a paradigm shift in the way data is represented and managed. It's a powerful paradigm, but new concepts and new tools are needed to make it work. Your trial package gives you these tools.

Included are Java applications and an API that supports...

  • Manipulation of local graphs.
  • Queries against local and super-graphs.
  • Socket-based communication with a remote GraphBase Node.

Also included are a collection of visual tools that ease the transition to graph-based thinking...

  • GraphPad - to build, visualize and manipulate graphs.
  • BoundsPad - to build and validate queries.
  • Navigator - to work with your GraphBase super-graph.
  • Console - launch tools and to connect to and report on a Node.

You'll also get to try RapidGrapher, so that you can get up to speed quickly using your existing data.

And when you find that GraphBase is the right data management tool for your application, you can purchase a license and keep right on working.

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