Live Training

Training is delivered as a series two-hour fully-interactive Citrix GoToTraining sessions.

Sessions take two forms...

  • Team Sessions - for up to 20 members of your team, and scheduled at a time that suits you. $1140 per session.
  • Shared Sessions - for individuals, and scheduled monthly to fit the timezone contraints of enrolled participants. $270 per session.

Agility Edition Training Sessions

A1. Up-And-Running with Agility
Start experimenting and building simple databases. Including...

  • Installation and configuration.
  • Using the Visual Tools.
  • Simple graphs and simple queries.

F1. Graph and Framework Design
Gives you the tools to start modelling and solving real data problems.

  • Simple Leaf Frameworks.
  • Subsumption, reification and other graph "normalizing" strategies.
  • Graphs with multiple Frameworks.

B1. Bounds Language Essentials
Your data super-graph has enormous expressive power. This session teaches you how to make use of it.

  • Using simultaneous traversals.
  • Extended boolean operations.
  • Understanding Containment Landscapes.

J1. Java API Basics
All you need to start building GraphBase Java applications.

  • Jobs.
  • Graph manipulation
  • Bounds (Query) objects.

J2. Java API Deep Dive
Learn power-user secrets from a GraphBase Dev. Team lead.

  • Complex Jobs and Job Handlers
  • Embedded Agility
  • Bounds (Query) objects.

We'll contact you arrange times once we receive your order.

Enterprise Edition Training Sessions

GraphBase Enterprise Edition Team Sessions are tailored to each team's specific needs. Contact us for more details.


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