Public Data

Let's Make Public Data Shared Data!

Think about the names and brands you know. Organizations and corporations, public personae, products, services - these are bits of knowledge that have more presence in the public eye than they do in corporate data silos.

Knowledge that lives in public should be managed in public - where everyone who cares about it can have a role in expanding it and keeping it accurate. It just makes sense.

Even information that is shared in private can benefit from a community-focused service. Our connections to our friends, the "profiles" that advertisers share about us with each other, our interests - we should be able to see and manage these in one place. A place where we can also control what's shared and who it's shared with.

If data is our business, we need to take a close look at what's in our silos. Locations, events, other companies' products and services. Much of it is data that could be consumed from elsewhere.

And how much of our own data lives in the public eye? Our brands and models, our specifications, prices and availabilities - these can be moved out of our silos. We can then help the community to manage a single authoritative, accurate version that our partners and interested parties can then consume easily, and with confidence.

Public data needs a public presence - a place where it can be reviewed, edited and built upon. Check out the site It's an experimental first attempt to create such a presence.

"This is one of those big revolutionary ideas that I am glad the Data 2.0 Conference was able to discover and spotlight. FactNexus is tackling the problem of the web of data from a new innovative angle." Geoff Domoracki, CEO midVentures, Chair Data 2.0 Conference


it just makes sense