Real Graph Tools

A graph is a powerful way to represent data. But by the time you've broken your data problem up into all of its "connected" pieces, it can be difficult to keep an understanding of those pieces in your head.

An RDBMS gives you rows, columns and tables. A Document store gives you... documents. With first-generation Graph Databases you get to make hugely-complex spaghetti-like structures - but you're forced to think about and work with your data at the individual vertex level.

GraphBase dramatically simplifies the management of graph-structured data with its "graph-focused" tools paradigm. In GraphBase, the graph is the unit-of-work - not the vertex.

  • Add to your GraphBase database by creating an external graph and then "delivering" it.
  • Interrogate your database by creating a query which "Bounds" the sub-graph you're looking for, then returns it.
  • Work with GraphBase data by applying manipulations to new graphs, or those you've extracted from GraphBase for the purpose.
  • Make those manipulations externally, or write "Handlers" or "Agents" that will do them within GraphBase.
  • Convert your graph to a collection of Java POJOs with a single line of code.

It's a simple, elegant and productive way to manage graph data.


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