Graph Design

The Data-as-a-Graph paradigm lets you model your data with so much flexibility that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. But as in any technical endeavour there are some useful patterns and best practices. A bit of experience also helps.

Our Graph Design program helps you to thoroughly understand your data problem in graph terms. In RDBMS-based Data Architecture terms, you'll end up with the graph equivalent of your Logical and Physical Data Models.

Graph Design services can be purchased in 10-hour blocks. A typical single-block program will entail...

  • An initial "discovery" phase where we receive from you some representative "use-cases" and a little sample data.
  • A Citrix GoToMeeting session of up to three hours to explore your data problem in more detail.
  • The creation of one or more tenatative Frameworks and sub-graph patterns.
  • A second session to explore, refine and help you finalise a framework.

We'll contact you arrange to schedule your Graph Design program once we receive your order.

Take advantage of our practical experience in each of the following areas...

Master Data and Universal Data Stores

Provide a common, shared reference for every piece of data. A place where every person, product, company, location and event is represented just once - your own virtual DNS for data. Well help you build a flexible, schema-less GraphBase repository that allows departments - even external partners - to consume and contribute to your data without compromising critical applications.

Directories, Catalogs, Yellow Pages

Whether it's for a small distributor, a multinational, or an entire country - we can help you build, augment and maintain comprehensive organisation listings and rich data about the products and services they provide. We can also bring code libraries that will populate your data from other databases, documents and even web-site text.

Big Data Network Analytics

GraphBase Enterprise Edition comes with tools that let you compress and store common high-volume data streams within your super-graph. If you're an intelligence agency, a bank, a telco or anyone else who wants to get real-time intelligence from high-volume data, please give us a call. We can help you design solutions not possible with any other technology.

Identity & Social

Planning to capture and manage more, or richer data about individuals? Whether it's hundreds of people, or hundreds of millions, we can help.

  • Accumulate customer intelligence.
  • Act on customer needs in real time.
  • Manage access to and aggregate data from legacy systems.
  • Detect fraud, manage risk.


Intelligence is all about collecting and managing large bodies of semi-structured information - and then finding the patterns and connections that matter. There is no DBMS - Graph Database or otherwise - that does this better than GraphBase. And we'll show you how.


helping you solve the BIG problems