RDF+ For Agility

RDF+ allows GraphBase to be used for "Semantic Web" applications.

The plug-in implements an RDF framework over Graph Simple Form and stores RDF as a graph, rather than as rows of triples - bringing all the performance benefits of true index-free adjacency.

Simple RDF+ APIs accept RDF for storage - or accept SPARQL and return RDF from storage.

RDF+ makes extensive use of the Apache Jena framework. In essence, it provides a high-performance large data set and persistence layer for Jena. The Apache Jena Framework is a popular, up-to-date, feature-rich implementation of Semantic web standards.

Using the Jena Framework with GraphBase is a simple exercise. The GraphBase RDF+ API provides classes which implement the JENA Graph and Query interfaces and which can be intantiated from their Jena equivalents.

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