GraphBase Enterprise Edition

GraphBase Enterprise Edition is the ultimate tool for solving large and complex data problems. Use it for your biggest data challenges...

  • Master Data Management.
  • Interactions within large networks of people and/or things.
  • Complex natural models - biological, economic, environmental...
  • Large-scale Intelligence gathering.

GraphBase Enterprise Edition gives you features that you just won't find in other NoSQL and Graph Databases. Features like...

  • A Permissions Framework - for fine-grained control over who sees what.
  • A Constraints Framework - constraining arc connections and enforcing vertex payload values.
  • A Metadata Framework - get detailed tracking of who changed what, when.
  • Vertex Data Stores - graph support for Big Data.
  • Distributed Processing - with true random access to data anywhere in your super-graph

Enterprise Edition gives you under-the-hood access to GraphBase. With it you can tune...

  • The primitives that define your graph structure.
  • The pre-processing applied to your incoming graphs.
  • Indexing to support more sophisticated frameworks.
  • The distribution of your data.

So that you can make the most of this access, we give you ten hours of high-level consultation with each GraphBase Enterprise Edition annual subscription.

Our Enterprise Beta Program includes 100 hours of professional services per license in support of your installation. This program will be strictly limited, so please register below if you'd like to discuss being part of it. Be sure to use your company or institution e-mail address.

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