GraphBase Agility Edition

Agility is our base level GraphBase edition. But Agility is no slouch, with a mix of features that no other DBMS, Graph or otherwise, can match.


Agility comes with visual tools that simplify working with graphs. Tools that let you visualise your graphs and queries - they even let you use drag and drop to create them.

GraphBase Agility Edition further simplifies GraphBase management with a host of automated features and an easy-to-use Control Panel that can launched with, or remote from, your GraphBase Node instance,

And you won't sacrifice features in the name of simplcity. Agility gives you everything you expect from a production-ready DBMS...

  • ACID transactions.
  • Live backups.
  • Access control.
  • High Availablity - using warm replicas.
  • Built-in high performance indexing


Agility's Graph Simple Form is optimised for both its modelling flexibility and its performance. Although Agility doesn't give you the under-the-hood control of Enterprise Edition, it's structures do let you model *any* data problem. Plug-ins with frameworks that map relational databases and RDF triplestores illustrate just how powerful the structure is. What's more, you can impliment these and other frameworks concurrently, across the same data, within a single super-graph.


Database speed is one thing. Speed to design and impliment is equally important. With GraphBase Agility you get both.

Download GraphBase Agility Edition now and give it a try.


simplicity + versatility + speed = agility